Our Story

Mike and Austin Met in a Taxi in Chicago. 


They didn't meet back on campus, nor did they ever speak a single word or even see each other in person up until they found themselves on a business organization trip to Chicago.


Four hours away from Iowa City, they just happened to hop in the last taxi outside their hotel, and exchange contact information. 


No, although the two would love to act like it was, this was not an instantaneous bond. Instead, Austin agreed to meet Mike a few weeks later at a local restaurant, where Mike explained his interesting new idea. 


A few hours later into the conversation, Mike and Austin already had a rough plan to begin Supercorn Tutoring. 


The approach has changed over time, but the overall goal has been consistent. Mike and Austin want to connect the world and provide opportunities to Chinese individuals that they may not have without Supercorn. At the same time, they want to enhance their tutors' abilities, which will lead to also improving their overall quality of life. The two founders have always known that all it takes is one person to truly impact the world, and that is what they are doing with Supercorn Tutoring.

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